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Blacklist company
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Black List company The reason of being denounced
SC URBCONNET SC URBCONNET SRL, represented by mrs. Corina Sandu, buys products with the 1953167 / 19.12.2005 receipt and "forgets" to pay the money; after 3 months of notifications, pays a part of the sum, leaving ~5 million ROL unpaid, thinking that for such a small amount of money they won't be sued, so they can do their thing! Take care everyone that works with them or wants to cooperate with them! Their exact datas:
SC URBCONNET SRL, J40/2552/1994, CF R5402785, address: Calea Calarasilor nr. 173, Bl. 2, Sc. 4, Ap. 106-107, Sect. 3, Bucharest; Phone No: +04021-326.57.94/95
The guts of this Black List Company:
After almost one year of not paying the bill, while they tricked us again by saying that if we give them a 10% discount they will pay us our money and they didn't, SC URBCONNET SRL represented by mr. Razvan Arsene comes to us, one day before the trial, with a final proposal that "honors" this gang of blacklist companies in Romania: "we will pay you 105,42 lei RON of penalties for the bill, but your company has to promise that it will erase any referrence to this present trial, to the SC URBCONNET SRL or to its employees, from the website or any other websites asap(in less than 48 hrs), and your company has to promise it will never spread any rumors about this whole situation". Well, SC URBCONNET SRL will not be erased from this black list until it pays all the penalties as stated on the receipt! We would also like to advise other companies or public institutions that would like to make business with this firm: SC URBCONNET SRL does not fulfill the basic rules of being fair in EU (that is, the paying of the bills/receipts on time to the suppliers)
 SC MIR Imobiliar Grup SRL

SC MIR IMOBILIAR GRUP SRL - Real Estate Agency - paid upfront large sums of money for advertising campaign(to MediaPress Advertising), gained our trust, then, when they had to pay 41.664.650 lei ROL they erased the company, the responsabilities re-ordered, and we were stuck. The guilty persons are: Monica Maftei, Stefan Pitaru, Radu Dragulinescu, Bucharest.

 SC Serda Servicii SRL

SC SERDA SERVICII SRL - Real Estate Agency. They published adds in the paper through MediaPress Advertising, after signing the 277/29.07.2004 contract. Then they placed an order of 1.745.600 lei ROL and dissapeared. The person that signed the contract: Cuznetov Sergiu.

 Aka 2000 International Serv Unpaid debt from 11.07.2002; the sum owed: 1,252,718 lei ROL
 SC El Company Imob SRL SC Ely Comapny Imob SRL - Real Estate Agency that published adds in AZ and Romania Libera and were no longer to be found. The contract data: advertising contract no. 117/3.04.2003 through mr. CARAOLANI GH. The sum: 9.414.000 lei ROL.
 Hobas Tub Romania Unpaid debt from 02.10.2002; the sum of money: 2,457,859 lei ROL !!!
 SC Satori Grup SRL Satori Grup is a real estate agency that published adds in the papers through Mediapress Advertising company, and then they dissapeared. The debt that was never payed: 5.039.000 lei ROL. The person in charge: Lunescu Valentin
 Mihaikusilviu SRL (Mihai Plesu) Mihai Plesu made a contract and we delivered services for him, a total of 4403 EUR in 2003. Mihai Plesu used the company in order to contract some services and then he dissolved it and erased all the accounts and activities of the company.
 SC Dal Imobiliare SRL SC DAL Imobiliare SRL published adds via MediaPress Advertising company, being recommended by another company. Because we trusted them we were left with an unpaid sum of money of 7.297.830 lei ROL. Watch out!
 Toys Manufactory Unpaid debt from 11, 18 and 22.02.2002, having a total sum of money of: 10.532.355 lei ROL!!!
SC Unicorn Computers SRL SC UNICORN COMPUTERS SRL, located in str. Ilarie Chendi, nr. 1, Bucharest, represented by it manager, mr. General Gabriel Popa, has a debt of 511.071.592 lei ROL to SC DESPEC ROMANIA SRL, this sum being not aquitted for a long time.
SC FIRST SRL Brasov SC FIRST SRL Brasov buys products in year 2004, is late with the payment for more than 3 months, pays after a while, being threatened with being sued, but "forgets" to pay a 10,000,000lei ROL sum of money. Black list person: director Radu Popa
Asitrans SA Every time I damaged my car, the insurance company refused to give me the receipt of insurance. Asitrans SA company invoked a lot of reasons for doing this. Eventually, I reached my patience limits and so I sued them and claimed for them to pay all the damages: I won. Only by being afraid of the executing judge did they give me the money. Avoid Asitrans SA company!!!
Banca Tiriac Banca Tiriac: they take a comission not only out of the interest, but also out of the whole sum that they used! Beware the comissions and the deposits at the Banca Tiriac!
Asitrans(denunt 2) I damaged my car by being hit by a bus insured by asitrans (it's not worth it to write their name in capital letters). Besides the fact that they recommended me ONLY A CERTAIN car service, the repairs they did were superficial, they didn't finalize the work and the repairing of my car. (I took the car out of the service even while being unfinished because I needed it; they promised that I could come back anytime for them to finish the repairs. WhenI went back, they didn't know who I was anymore - My bad). Another mistake - I bought a part of the car components, because they promised to re-imburse me the money(by mail, they told me). Half a year later, after the accident, I didn't yet get the money. The person that tricked me from asitrans company: mr. Sava. Take care!
Convenience shop Convenience Shop company buys products and forgets about paying the merchendise. The sum of money owed to STIL XXI SRL: 823.07 lei RON, since 05.10.2005
Graphiline Graphiline Advertising Agency orders products and does not pay. The total amount of the order: 448.62 lei RON; they payed by bank transfer - rejected because of insufficient money in their account. Beware! ...
SC Turnomet SRL S.C. Turnomet SRL company bought products with a total sum of money of over 250 million lei ROL from the s.c. TEHNO TRADE s.r.l. company and has not payed. More, they knew they would make s.c.TEHNO TRADE s.r.l. fail with this order and will produce the ruining of their back credibility, yet they didn't care. Afeter 9 months they are nowhere to be found. Alexandru Ion, Mitica Baiculescu, Stoica and Calin Tinculeana work as a group and they trick people and companies: beware SC TURNOMET SRL company!
Graphiline (denunt2) Graphiline - advertising agency: Buys products from Master Graphic Media SA company, issues bank orders of 158.51 and 154.22 lei RON, which bank orders are refused to be honored by the bank because of the total lack of funds for the companyand, check this out: LITIGATION FOR THE PROPERTY RIGHT. Then, mrs. Dana Vasile lies to us: I will bring you the money back in 5 weeks - she never ever answered our calls! Avoid making business with this company: Graphiline!
Tech Pro Media Tech Pro Media (S.C. Tech Pro SRL), printed through the SC. SPOT Design SRL company 400 color A4 fliers, both sides, with the receipt 2233062 from 15.03.2006; they had to pay this sum with a bank transfer in 12 days. More than a month passed and, after the first notification, no one answers the calls ... and there is no payment! Later we found out that SC. Tech Pro SRL company did this trick before so, take care!
S.C. Crisactiv SRL S.C. Crisactiv SRL company did not pay the receipts to S.C. Fingerprint SRL company. Although Fingerprint won the trial for the case they intended and blocked Crisactiv's accounts in over 24 banks, they could not recover anything. There are at least 5-6 other companies that were tricked and frauded in this way by the SC Crisactiv SRL. They way of tricking you: the come, they work, they pay one or two smaller receipts, and then then place 2-3 large orders which they do not pay anymore. Their reason for not paying: they are beginners and have a difficult period right now, or their phones were stolen(including the landline phones) and so they cannot reach their creditors... SC Crisactiv SRL - beware!
Universal Berge SRL Fraud with laminated documents. Tayfun Trading company was frauded with 200.000 USD by Universal Berge, its manager being mr. BERNEAGA ADRIAN from Bucharest. He is one of the biggest frauding person - now he is in the real estate business, so take care of your house. Maybe you too have some info about him - can you help me get my boney back?

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You can also post here about the company that tricked you, the company that takes bribe regularly, the ones that break the law and make their own rules in the market, thus not allowing the loyal competition needed. Turn a company in and we'll study the case and then post it in the Black List Company! We do not turn in persons, but companies, firms and institutions that do not respect the commercial laws that exist; thus, we address all the companies and interested persons that want to make serious business in Romania, so that others would not take advantage of them.

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