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Blacklist company
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Black List company
The reason of being denounced
SC Sfinx Experience CDA SRL The acquisition of a TV show license. The license was acquired by Sfinx Experience (Misu Cernea), for 26.000 USD, the money belonging to Art Show Media and a partner. Later, by the association of the 3 companies, the license(with the full production) was sold to SRTv and put on TVR 1, for the sum of 340.000 USD. The full production was made by Sfinx Experience, which not only paid license money(the license that they brought in the association for 96.000 USD) and the profit to the associates, but also used for personal reasons all the public money of TVR(national television), not paying the debts they have toward the goverment. Beware the company called Sfinx Experience SRL!
SC Timex SRL Hunedoara S.C. Timex SRL Hunedoara company is denounced for not paying a receipt for car tires of 200.000.000 lei ROL, having the penalties of 3,50 million lei ROL to the Arca Service SRL company. The administrator of the company: Negrau. Avoid making business with TIMEX SRL Hunedoara!
SC Contur Romconstruct 2000 SRL S.C. Comtur Romconstruct 2000 SRL executes low quality works, goes beyond the price in the bill and does not respect the contract and the reception of the works it does. Take care about the SC Comtur Romconstruct 2000 SRL company!
SC Agrispedition SRL Nadlac I bought a car from another country. At the border checkpoint Nadlac, mr. Chief Border Commisioner Nasaudean Ovidiu, from S.C. AgriSpedition SRL company, took from me the sum of 100 EUR for the imported car without giving me a receipt. Take care of the receipts and the legality of the operations done through Agrispedition SRL Nadlac company!
Bus controllers, RATC The last large campaign of catching the people that travel without a ticket on the public means of transportation in Constanta and Mamaia was and is actually an opportunity of bribing the people that check us, who are in almost every bus station and take 1 lei RON from any passenger that does not have a ticket, but they do not give people the tickets or a receipt. A ticket from RATC costs 1,2 lei RON. Besides this, RATC has a lot of debts, so it should take care of these people.
United Food Industries United Food Industries company in Bucharest acquired flexible wrappings for buscuits and did not pay bills for more than 380 million lei ROL to Cortex LTD SRL company. Pay more attention to the businesses done with United United Food Industries company!
Graphiline - 3rd complaint Graphiline, advertising agency in Romania - buys products from Ad Sign Media SRL company, issues a bank order of 374,85 lei RON, which is refused for payment on 24.03.2006 because of the total lack of money! Pay extra attention for these kind of frauds made by Graphiline!
S.C. Roinfra Construct SRL Timisoara Roinfra Construct SRL from Timisoara hires people without a work book(the work book is mandatory in Romania) and also pays the employees little by little, does not sjow the salary receipts, does not give you the salary if you resign; you have little chance that the Work Inspection Commission would pay you any attention - even they do not do their job as they should. Be extra careful about Roinfra Construct SRL.
S.C. Maxigel SRL Ploiesti

They do not respect their promises. They take too much money for cheaper products. The products delivered by Maxigel SRL company are very late and are not according to the order you placed. They are not serious, yet they are insincere: pure mockery! Their one and only goal is to make profit, even if this means that they lie, cheat, undelivered products even though the money were paid, etc. We advise you all to beware of this company, Maxigel, because of which we lost hundreds of milion lei.

S.C. Dana-Crinul SRL Cluj She is the boss, and he is the boss; because they have enough money, they travel to Chine, where from they bring a lot of cheap things and force their employees to buy them, taking the money from the salary of the employees. Of course, the products are damaged in 3 weeks and there is no guarantee, so you can do nothing about it! If you ask for a guarantee, they fire you - this is what happened to my wife! Shame on
DANA-CRINUL from Cluj!
Concerning the BRD services There are some complaints about the services offered by BRD (Romanian bank) on the internet here and here - please pay attention to these considerations while using the BRD services.

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You can also post here about the company that tricked you, the company that takes bribe regularly, the ones that break the law and make their own rules in the market, thus not allowing the loyal competition needed. Turn a company in and we'll study the case and then post it in the Black List Company! We do not turn in persons, but companies, firms and institutions that do not respect the commercial laws that exist; thus, we address all the companies and interested persons that want to make serious business in Romania, so that others would not take advantage of them.

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