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  1. We own the no. 1 office products internet sales company in Romania, the headquarters have a central positioning in Bucharest(Romania). The price for the headquarters + offices + storage + parking lot is starting with 1.000.000 EUR. Contact us at: 0722-209.507.
  2. We sell the furniture company we own, located in a central zone in Bucharest (Romania), owning a 1.260 sq m, having an exhibition of 400 sq meters. We intend to sell the whole compound + buildings + equipments or by parts. For more info contact us at: 0722-286.860.
  3. We are looking for a partner or a buyer for a company that distributes hot drinks through tonomats. The headquarters are in Tomisoara. Call us at 004-0747-012.253 or 004-0256-447.938.
  4. I am looking for a partner or someone interested to start a private school for foreign languages in Romania. I already work in such an institution and I think it is a good opportunity with very few risks in case you want to invest. All you need is some well-positioned space, a good will and courage. Call me if you are interested. My contact info: or 004-0723-776.799.
  5. We rent for a very good price Konica-Minolta copiers and faxes: good quality, very serious persons. Contact me at: 004-0722-558.940; 004-021224.66.74.
  6. Selling a profitable supermarket business in Bdul. Unirii, 100 sqm, possibility of extending up to 9 years. Call me at 004-0745-155.515.
  7. Selling a hair-dresser business for 10.000 EUR (negociable), rented space for 300 EUR/month, located in Piata Galati - Eminescu place. More info at 004-0723-438.738;
  8. We are a company that prodece food products, we are based in Israel. We are looking for a distributor in all the romanian counties. Contact us:;
  9. I am looking for an investor for a restaurant - bar in Brasov county, eventually an associate. Call me at: 004-0744-350.625;
  10. We sell a catering and restaurant business, negociable price, Vitan Mall place in Bucharest. Contact us at: 004-0726-371.767.
  11. We sell a contract for a rustic restaurant in Constanta, central positioning, excellent equipments. Contact me at 004-0723-689.387.
  12. Looking for a sponsorship for a factory producing farmaceutical products. Contact me at 004-0722-363.053.
  13. We own an auto park with 19 automobiles, we own 21 inter-district routes until 2008. We want to sell the business for 600.000 EUR or associate with a foreign partner. Contact data: 004-0721-279.084.
  14. We are an real estate investment company and we urgently buy houses, flats, apartments, fields in Bucharest or surroundings. Contact: 004-031-100.67.29.
  15. We offer you the best innovative drink for the 21st century! SOBERGUARD the clear wakefulness. Advantages: -clean your body from toxyde; - reduce up to 4X faster the alcohol in blood and body; - cut the hangover symptoms; - revitalize your soul. Clinicaly tested! Made from 100% natural ingredients on base of herbs, no preservatives, no sugar, no colr. Looking for distribuitors, wholsellers on exclusive possible. Contact: Website:
  16. We are manufacturing company based in Bulgaria and we are very interested in establishing business-relations with wholesale companies. We manufacture cosmetic oils for skin, hair and nails care (anti-wrinkles, anti-cellulites, anti-dandruff, anti-acne, oil for pains in muscles and joints, and many others), we can offer also a high range of pure essential oils (Like lavender and rose) and floral waters. Please visit our home page and have a look at list of our products: In case you are interested to explore the possibilities to work with us, please contact us using the following address: NADENA BULGARIA Phone +359 32 624268 phone/fax: +359 32 624268 e-mail: We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and hoping to establish a long-term future partnership.
  17. FOR SALE / FOR RENT or for ASSOCIATION - ZOOTECHNICAL COMPLEX (of buildings), having the possibility of transformation into production halls - with an area of aproximate 2,5 ha, compound of: 4 (four) stables - area built: 5802 m2, offices - area built: 394 m2, warehouse - area built: 180 m2, silos - area built: 2250 m2, well (drilled at the seaside's level), basin for water accumulation, voltage: 220-380 V. You have the possibility of connection to methane gas. The Complex is devided in 5 (five) lots (of land), with the possibility of sale by lot (of land). We are also looking for associates who are eager to invest in this Zootechnical Complex. fax: 0040236820129 tel: 0040236820129; e-mail:
  18. Looking for British investors in a special cafe in Bucharest or Brasov. Modifying an exiting one to create a new brand. Please send me a note at: to arrange a meeting.
  19. We own a touristic pension in Rucar-Bran area, composed of one apartment building, 4 rooms, each one having a restroom, another building with a restaurant, total area: 2.600 sq meters, small pool, etc. All are available for rent - contact me at 004-0740-098.345.
  20. Business broker - looking for a wood factory for sale to a foreign client. Area of interest: Bucharest, Ilfov, Arges, Valcea, Prahova, Calarasi, Giurgiu, Dambovita, Prahova, etc. Contact data: 004-0723-226.200 or email:
  21. We own the "cascada de ciocolata" brand, together with all the devices and equipments necessary for a unique distributor for Romania of such machines, we want to partner with someone in order to place them in the proper malls / shops for the major events(weddings, birthdays, other private parties for people or companies). More details: or 004-0745-133.712.
  22. The FOREX market is the most important financial market in the world. NOW even from Romania you have DIRECT ACCESS 24h a day to the international financial market trough the most efficient and comprehensive on-line trading floor offered by the most specialized and competitive bank in on-line transactions and strong position in the market: SYNTHESIS BANK - Geneva. Transparency, competitive prices and an excellent solution for your money. Contact person: 0744-314.627
  23. We own a 800sqm building and a 50.00 0sqm piece of land for agriculture in the eastern region of Romania - Dobrogea, near the Danube river. We are looking for an investor looking for an business opportunity in an area with a low price of labour and excellent transport facilities. Any ideas are wellcomed. Please contact us at:
  24. I am 40 years old, I am an officer, I am serious, punctual, firm. I own a group of firms at about 110 km away from Bucharest and I am looking for a foreign partner(associate), owning capital for:
    l - (or sell)- wheat, corn, cereals mill 24T/h situated in a cereal area, very cheap work hand( field-5,000 m.p)
    2 - village shops
    3 - (or renting 120 m.p. for) Baker's( MATADOR MK oven, capacity 2,4 t.)- sanitary filter, space
    that corresponds the UE norms and demands;
    4 - vegetarian farm- large crop ( from the field)- 300 Ha, tillable field granted on lease
    Big facilities to buy tillable field with 330 Eu/Ha
    1- farms of about 500 goats( cattle)
    2- factories to re-work the goats' milk
    3- heated greenhouses( for vegetables) ... (download more details, if you are interested)
  25. Business for urgent sale - drycleaning & laundry in Bucharest. Profitable, fully equipped, industrial capacity, large portfolio of customers, trained staff. Central location. For details, please call +4-0720-153.737.

Do you have a business proposal for the people in Romania? Add your proposal to this website: send un an email at util21 @ with a short text containing your purpose. Are you looking for a foreign / romanian partner? Add your request to our portal.

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